Friday, March 10, 2017

Waiata on top of Ruapekapeka

Room 6 had a Noho marae where we stayed at school for the night in the school marae. We went for a visit to our maunga Ruapekapeka. We have been learning about the history and the war that happened here. Before we left we sung a song as the sun was setting.


  1. WOW room 6 that brought tears to my eyes! You sound absolutely beautiful and what an amazing setting to sing your waiata in. I can just imagine your ancestors many years ago singing at Ruapekapeka Pa just like you. What do you think would have been different back then? Would they have been wearing the same clothes? Eating the same food?

    1. Hi Whaea Tania i'm Tyissa a student in Room 6 and i think that back then they would of definitely been a difference on what they ate and wore compared to the things that we have these days.

      Thanks for commenting on our blog From Tyissa

  2. I love how you went and visited Ruapekapeka to learn about it's history. I also like how you sung as the sun was setting that sounds so cool.