Sunday, February 26, 2017

Collaboration and Team work. What it means to us?

This term we are looking at 'Collaboration'. In groups we had to come up with what collaboration and team work means. Here are the ideas we came up with.


  1. Hi Room 6.
    I think that this is a great creation showing what it looks like and what what it means to you. What inspired you to make this creation? If you have the time could you check out my blog at
    Thanks -Breagh

  2. Morena, I am Whaea Lana from Tautoro School. I like the way contributing and not leaving anyone out was what a group thought about collaboration. In Room 5 we have talk about how important it is to share jobs when doing group work. I was wondering what your class thinks is the hardest thing about collaborative learning?

  3. Kia Ora Room 6 I am Sweyde from Tautoro School I like your work and your background colours.

  4. Kia ora, my name is Tristan from Tautoro school. I like the way you put the backround in colours but I don't like how you put your writing in because I can't really see it.

  5. Hi Room 6
    I think you guys have a lot of good ideas about what teamwork is and it is bright and colorful. Maybe next time you could make the font bigger on some of the slides so they fill the page, also some of the font is a bit hard to read. Other than those things it is fantastic!
    From Jessica