Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Movie Stars in Room 6

In Room 6 we had a go at making our own movies for the Movie Festival coming up. We had to come up with an idea and then write the script. It was tricky when we came to filming, lots of our ideas changed from what we had written. One thing we need to work on is making sure we can hear the person talking all the time.


  1. Hi room 6, my name is Sophia I go to Kawakawa Primary School. I very enjoy your little movie it very funny and entertaining. This must been easy to act out. Nice work room 6! Come on check my blog<a href="”>Sophia’s Blog</a>

  2. Hi Room 6,
    I like the way you used green screen. I want to say how do you do that?.
    Can you teach me to do that If I come to Kawakawa.Blog ya later Kawakawa school.

  3. Kia ora room 6.
    Ko Heaven toku ingoa no Tautoro school toku kura. I really enjoyed watching your video, Because I really enjoy making videos. It really caught my eyes. Did you know that I have made a video using youtube editor.Here is a question, Have you guys learnt shots e.g long shot medium shot and panning shot. Well, that's all from me, blog you later.

  4. kia ora room six. My name is Zephaniah from tautoro school. like how you scared the girl and cool costume you guys were wearing. blog you later

  5. Hi Room 6.
    I really like this movie as the characters were interesting. Next time you could improve on hearing the characters voices clearer. How long did it take you to make?
    Come check out my blog at
    See ya,

  6. Hi, I really liked this it made me laugh, just work on your clear voices. Other than that I enjoyed it. Please come check out my blog

  7. Hi my name is Chelsea and i think this clip was really funny i also got a big fright when the lady jumped out from behind the grave stone.How long did this take to make?

  8. Hi Room 6,
    I like your costumes that you put on. I agree that you should speak louder. We look forward to making movies too.
    Please come and visit my blog at

  9. Hey Room 6, what did you use to record? Because the quality is really good! Keep up the great videos

  10. Hi Room 6 my name is Sheeandra I like the way how you done this video. I wondered what app you used for this amazing video. Next time you should tell us what the app is. Blog you later.