Sunday, August 28, 2016

Maths Learning

In Room 6 we are learning to talk about what we are learning and why. We are also talking about the things that we are finding hard. Here is our maths ideas from week 5. 


  1. Hi my name is Heaven and I go to Tautoro School. I really enjoyed looking at the things that you learnt in your maths it sounds really cool. Once we were learning how to add decimals and how to do reversibility. Those are two cool ways to answer an equation. Here's a question what is 5.25+2.12=

  2. Hi room 6 I am Rangimarie from Tautoro school. I like how your class has tolled us what you guys are learning. A few things I picked up on was Henare your one did not make sense. Henare and Airim you two did not use proper nouns in your names. Blog you later.

  3. And when you guys write your name remember to put a poper noun at the start of your name