Sunday, August 28, 2016

Homecoming Parade

Some of Room 6 were lucky enough to go to the Homecoming Parade for Blair Tuke and Peter Berling in Kerikeri on Friday. 


  1. Kia ora Jess,you guys are so lucky. I wish I got to see an Olympics Player, I bet you guys were sooooo happy to see Blair Tuke and Peter Berling. If you would like to go to my blog here is the hyperlink:

  2. Hey Room 6,
    You guys are so lucky, my class would freak to meet a New Zealand Olympian. What was it like? Loud? Energetic?

  3. Hey Room 6, I'm from St Patrick's school. You guys are very lucky to meet and greet a New Zealand Olympian. My classmates would be thrilled with excitement and joy if they were to sight him.

  4. Hi,
    My name is Heaven and I am from Room 5 from Tautoro school. You guys must of had a blast meeting that awesome athlete, Blair Tuke wearing his gold medal. WOW! you are so lucky. Were you guys excited for that day? Did you get to clap his hand?. I really hopped that I would had been there. Well, that's all from me. Blog you later.