Thursday, November 26, 2015

Urapukapuka Island By Malia

The wonderful breeze of Russell winds through my long brown hair as the cold water laps around my feet. I stare at the dock and The people waiting for the fairy to take them.
Soon I spot the bout that we are about to aboard and start lifting the gear out of the car.”heavy heavy heavy”. my sister moans.”it's not all, Heavy heavy heavy”. I pass my sister a small bag of togs.” there I bet you can carry that”. she moans again. I slowly carry a big bag of clothes towards uncles bout.”YAY”! I dropped my bag and raised over towards him.”I missed you”.
We clamped onto the old bout and I helped put the sails up, and we were off! uncle started singing a song,” 101 bottles of rum on a bout on fell of drop drop drop, 100 bottles of rum on a bout”. it went on for ages until, “ yay where here”! we started putting stuff in the dinghy and paddled towards the beach.
Me and kaia(my sister kaia) helped put up the tent and blow up the air beds soon it was getting late and we were going to bed soon.”wow my first camping trip at urupukapuka.

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