Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Beach Trip by Kaushal

               🌞The Beach Trip🌞
1:Dolphin Boat
3:Water Fight

Yeah! We arrive at Pahia to go swimming but we first stop at the dolphin  boat. The boat was like a rocky road bumping all over the place. We see dolphins popping out of the sea like a jack in the box. My dad curves over the railing to get a picture. The sun is a giant heater burning our skin. I pose like superman on the tip of the boat. The whales yell at the top of their lungs. 

Splash! We stop our journey and we proceed to the beach. We build a gargantuan sand castle. We go to get our towels but suddenly… our castle gets struck by giant waves I rush to save it but I was to late.
We walk to the car to get our water guns. I plan my attack.

Splash my dad gets sprayed with a gallon of water with by water gun.
I try to hide under the bush to sneak attack him and avoid water.
My dad spots me and I get sprayed. I’m a sea monster walk out of the bush. I try to get revenge but I fail and trip. Now I am a sand monster trekking along the beach. We hike back to the car to end our adventure.

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