Thursday, November 26, 2015

Jump By Te Aroha

1.rope/ foam pit hoop 3. dodgeball

I stepped onto the wooden stairs and   patiently waited. I carefully leaned against the hot tin wall as the people in front of me  somersaulted into the foam pit. I slowly waddled onto the wooden stairs, the employee handing me the rope. I clutched the rope tightly and pushed off. When I landed my feet dug deep into the sea of square shaped foam balls. Struggling to get out I waddled to the side and waited for my sister at the top of the foam pit.

I marched towards the line of people waiting at the basketball hoop. The hoop was filled with bouncing teenagers. When it was my turn I boinged on the green trampoline with the foam dodgeball in my hand. I leapt in the air, stretched and threw the ball into the hoop.After my successful throw I patiently waited for my sister and carried on to the next activity.

I strolled towards the sign saying dodgeball on it, with my sister following close behind. I stood behind a green rope and patiently waited for my queue. The employee unclipped the green rope and pointed me to the right. I marched to the right and leaned against the springy trampoline. The employee blew the whistle and my teammates and I raced towards the foam dodgeballs sitting in the middle of the room. I tightly gripped the slippery ball and threw it to the opponents. After winning the game my sister and I headed into the direction of the parents waiting area and stumbled towards the exit.

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