Thursday, November 26, 2015

Archery by Paris


‘Group 4 you are now moving on to archery with Matua Josh and Whaea Jackie’. Miss baker exclaimed.  Let’s go now because nobody wants to see kauri showing off  . Ok? .   i questioned him. i’ll try not too

Group 1 can you please come up and shot the bow and arrow. Matua Josh silently asked them. Who is in group 1? He loudly asked everyone. ‘ Xavier are in group one i answered. Who’s in group two? Arwyn and Tahurangi. So everyone knows what group they are in? yes we do.

Ces you know i think i might shoot somebody in the leg if they are standing out in the target zone!!! ‘Group 4 it is now your turn to come up and shoot’. ‘Ces that is me and you we both have to go up because it is our turn’.  ‘OK’. Tyissa exclaimed. let’s go now before we miss our turn. Ok. ‘ If you are going to aim for the board pull it back far and let go’. Matua Josh  exclaimed.

Wow i got the arrow on the board!!!!!!!!! ‘I shouted  with excitement’. I am so happy! Wow paris. Whaea Jackie exclaimed. well  it is time  for all of you to move onto your next  activity. ‘what is our next activity’? As I walked over and asked matua Josh.  ‘ We are having lunch then you are going to Whaea Verbina.

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