Thursday, November 26, 2015

Archery by Kaushal

       🎯 Archery🎯

1:Picking It Up

I wait for my turn in excitement. It’s my turn I pick up the bow I slide the arrow in. I pull the string back in hope I can get the bullseye. I wait for Luke to pick up his arrow to see if he can hit the bullseye.

I aim with one eye so I hit the target. “No!” I yell. I've missed my shot horribly. “Remember You Have two other arrows” Matua Josh reminds me. I load my next arrow I aim as well as I can Bang!

Yes! I yell I hit the bullseye and I happily retrieve my arrows knowing one arrow will stay on. I give my bow to the next person and sit down. I hope nobody beats it.

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