Thursday, November 26, 2015

Archery by Paris


‘Group 4 you are now moving on to archery with Matua Josh and Whaea Jackie’. Miss baker exclaimed.  Let’s go now because nobody wants to see kauri showing off  . Ok? .   i questioned him. i’ll try not too

Group 1 can you please come up and shot the bow and arrow. Matua Josh silently asked them. Who is in group 1? He loudly asked everyone. ‘ Xavier are in group one i answered. Who’s in group two? Arwyn and Tahurangi. So everyone knows what group they are in? yes we do.

Ces you know i think i might shoot somebody in the leg if they are standing out in the target zone!!! ‘Group 4 it is now your turn to come up and shoot’. ‘Ces that is me and you we both have to go up because it is our turn’.  ‘OK’. Tyissa exclaimed. let’s go now before we miss our turn. Ok. ‘ If you are going to aim for the board pull it back far and let go’. Matua Josh  exclaimed.

Wow i got the arrow on the board!!!!!!!!! ‘I shouted  with excitement’. I am so happy! Wow paris. Whaea Jackie exclaimed. well  it is time  for all of you to move onto your next  activity. ‘what is our next activity’? As I walked over and asked matua Josh.  ‘ We are having lunch then you are going to Whaea Verbina.

Urapukapuka Island By Malia

The wonderful breeze of Russell winds through my long brown hair as the cold water laps around my feet. I stare at the dock and The people waiting for the fairy to take them.
Soon I spot the bout that we are about to aboard and start lifting the gear out of the car.”heavy heavy heavy”. my sister moans.”it's not all, Heavy heavy heavy”. I pass my sister a small bag of togs.” there I bet you can carry that”. she moans again. I slowly carry a big bag of clothes towards uncles bout.”YAY”! I dropped my bag and raised over towards him.”I missed you”.
We clamped onto the old bout and I helped put the sails up, and we were off! uncle started singing a song,” 101 bottles of rum on a bout on fell of drop drop drop, 100 bottles of rum on a bout”. it went on for ages until, “ yay where here”! we started putting stuff in the dinghy and paddled towards the beach.
Me and kaia(my sister kaia) helped put up the tent and blow up the air beds soon it was getting late and we were going to bed soon.”wow my first camping trip at urupukapuka.

The Beach Trip by Kaushal

               πŸŒžThe Beach Trip🌞
1:Dolphin Boat
3:Water Fight

Yeah! We arrive at Pahia to go swimming but we first stop at the dolphin  boat. The boat was like a rocky road bumping all over the place. We see dolphins popping out of the sea like a jack in the box. My dad curves over the railing to get a picture. The sun is a giant heater burning our skin. I pose like superman on the tip of the boat. The whales yell at the top of their lungs. 

Splash! We stop our journey and we proceed to the beach. We build a gargantuan sand castle. We go to get our towels but suddenly… our castle gets struck by giant waves I rush to save it but I was to late.
We walk to the car to get our water guns. I plan my attack.

Splash my dad gets sprayed with a gallon of water with by water gun.
I try to hide under the bush to sneak attack him and avoid water.
My dad spots me and I get sprayed. I’m a sea monster walk out of the bush. I try to get revenge but I fail and trip. Now I am a sand monster trekking along the beach. We hike back to the car to end our adventure.

Archery by Kaushal

       πŸŽ― Archery🎯

1:Picking It Up

I wait for my turn in excitement. It’s my turn I pick up the bow I slide the arrow in. I pull the string back in hope I can get the bullseye. I wait for Luke to pick up his arrow to see if he can hit the bullseye.

I aim with one eye so I hit the target. “No!” I yell. I've missed my shot horribly. “Remember You Have two other arrows” Matua Josh reminds me. I load my next arrow I aim as well as I can Bang!

Yes! I yell I hit the bullseye and I happily retrieve my arrows knowing one arrow will stay on. I give my bow to the next person and sit down. I hope nobody beats it.

Jump By Te Aroha

1.rope/ foam pit hoop 3. dodgeball

I stepped onto the wooden stairs and   patiently waited. I carefully leaned against the hot tin wall as the people in front of me  somersaulted into the foam pit. I slowly waddled onto the wooden stairs, the employee handing me the rope. I clutched the rope tightly and pushed off. When I landed my feet dug deep into the sea of square shaped foam balls. Struggling to get out I waddled to the side and waited for my sister at the top of the foam pit.

I marched towards the line of people waiting at the basketball hoop. The hoop was filled with bouncing teenagers. When it was my turn I boinged on the green trampoline with the foam dodgeball in my hand. I leapt in the air, stretched and threw the ball into the hoop.After my successful throw I patiently waited for my sister and carried on to the next activity.

I strolled towards the sign saying dodgeball on it, with my sister following close behind. I stood behind a green rope and patiently waited for my queue. The employee unclipped the green rope and pointed me to the right. I marched to the right and leaned against the springy trampoline. The employee blew the whistle and my teammates and I raced towards the foam dodgeballs sitting in the middle of the room. I tightly gripped the slippery ball and threw it to the opponents. After winning the game my sister and I headed into the direction of the parents waiting area and stumbled towards the exit.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

How we Use Technology in our School

A presentation by Tyissa and Alisi about how we use Technology at Kawakawa. They shared this with a group of teachers from local schools at a recent Hub Day Meeting.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Year 5 and 6 Camp

YEAR 5 and 6 CAMP

Room 3 had a great week on camp at Marsden Bay.
Here are a few photos of what we got up to.
We will share some writing with you once we have finished.