Thursday, October 22, 2015

All about me Malia


Hi my name is Malia
I'm nine years old and I go to Kawakawa Primary School, my teachers name is Miss Baker. I love to play the guitar and write stories. My best friend is Jahesha and Nicole. Nicole goes to Russell School and Jahesha moved away about a week ago. I really miss her, soon she will be back I can't wait. My favorite movie is The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. My favorite animal is a wolf, I like them cause they stay up at night and howl. I like to play games with my neighbor Rohan and we’re both wolves I also play with my sister Kaia she is six years old. I do have a big sister but she lives in Spain, the only time we get to see her is at Christmas, she always misses my birthday. My birthday is in November, my little sisters is, well I don't actually know it's some time after Christmas I think. My dad lives on a boat and my mum lives in a house in Kawakawa. My favorite food is lasagna, I only get it as a treat but I always get mum to take it slow or it might under cook then it would be very cold it's happened before that's why I'm always helping my mum with it. I NEVER want under cooked lasagna again never ever ever again. I love to invite friends over for sleepovers and birthdays although my last birthday in November 2014 it rained hard so all we did was, pass the parcel, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, opened presents and had a huge sleepover with everyone that came to my birthday! Well, not everyone but most people anyway. AND THAT'S ALL ABOUT ME ME ME!

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