Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Writing Prompt Term 3 Week 1 - Descriptive Writing

Alisi's Writing

A blanket of fresh snow covers  the ground as the man treks through the wood. Making his way up the hill looking over to scan the picturesque view. The cold bites his face numbing it. His breath is like a dragon blowing out smoke. He’s wearing a big puffy jacket,a beanie. Putting his hands in his pockets hiding it from the coldness. Looking in the distance he spotted a red lanky rope dangling from the sky in the middle of no where. He needed to investigate.

He walks towards it being frightened of what it is. Putting both of his hands on it. He pulled it making it dark like a cloth concealing the world. He stopped for a while as excitement rushed through his mind all the way to his body. Goosebumps pricked down his skin. After getting use to it he keeps playing around. Then BOOM!!!!

He pulls it and something wrong happens. He broke it and tried to fix it by pulling it hard and harder. The rope collapsed and begins falling from the sky. The he pulled out the light bulb. As the city lights turned on he knew he was in big trouble. He makes an escape.

Zaytaleah's Writing

Snow crunches beneath his feet. His breaths like a dragons puffing out smoke. The blanket of snow covers the ground. The coldness slaps his face as he walks up the mountains to look at the view. Then there it was…..

The big thick rope that was dangling from the sky .He stared at the rope for 10 seconds then felt it, he started to pull it then he got scared because it went dark then he pulled it again the light came on out of nowhere. He kept playing with it then it……

Suddenly darkness fell from the sky. John pulled the rope that was hanging from the sky he started to pull it, he kept playing with it. Then it stopped it was just dark it came falling from the sky it was sitting on the ground it looked like a pile of spaghetti. The light bulb fell last after he found out he broke it. He feels so scared hopping it was all a dream.

Jayda's Writing

Crunch,crunch as the lonely man walks thru the woods to find his way up to the hill. He makes his way up the to see the beautiful view. He sees the huge chimneys .His hands in his pockets to keep them warm thru the winter.

He scans the view quietly he finds a red thick rope dangling from  nothing holding it he stares at  the rope strangely as it dangles from outer space. He grips his hands on the thick rope and pulled the thick red rope once and he thought that it was magnificent once when he pulled it would be ferocious night and if he pulled again it would be morning light.

He plays with it too much to he does poses and turned it on and off way many times and then he turns it to night and then broke it he tries to pull it to hard the rope falls down bit by bit layer by layer once it all fall down he was worried and he looked at the huge light bolt and walks away.

Adelia's Writing


Crunch! The snow crunched beneath his feet as the fog slowly flew out his mouth.He stomps through the colossal white blanket of snow along the concealed trail that leads through the bald trees.The warm clothes on his body kept the wind from giving him goosebumps down his back and along his arms.Finally he reaches his destination at the top of the hill.The hike ended as soon as he saw the view of the city or town.The variegated colours of his clothes shone so bright at the top of the hill that maybe the people of the city or town could see him.Suddenly he spotted an enormous, red rope dangling from the middle of the sky.

He gingerly walked over there to see what it was. “What could it be?” he wondered as he peered around at the bare trees. He cautiously pulled on the lanky rope to see what it did. Click! As soon as he pulled on the rope the sky suddenly turned pitch black. His bottom lip dropped and he gazed into the dark distance for a moment thinking to himself “What did I just do?” and he thought that he did something wrong to the world.He took one step away from it with his hands in the air thinking to himself “I didn’t do it!”.

He took two steps towards the rope again but slowly. As the rope sways back and forth he peers up it to try see where it leads to. He sticks his hand to the rope and hauls it. He repetitively pulls it over and over again but each time he does it he does a different pose. The pattern of daylight and night sky cover the sky like a shadow.Then suddenly he yanks it but nothing happens. “Hmmm? What happened?” he questioned.He tugged it to see if it worked but still,nothing happened.Boom! For the last time he plucked it,it started plummeting to  the white blanket of snow. After it all collapsed to the ground he saw an enormous light bulb. “Ooops!” he sighed. He walked away worried that there might not be day anymore and hoped that no one would know that he did it.

Pihanga's Writing

A blanket of fresh snow covered the ground as the man trekked through the woods.  He must of been incredibly scared and worried that he wouldn’t be able to find his way back home or back to work.

All of a sudden he reached the top of the hill, he looked around and was surprised to see a rope dangling from the dark sky. He bravely pulled the rope and the light turned off.  He wondered what would happen if he pulled it again, he pulled it again and the light turned on, again and again he pulled on the rope, turning the light off and on till all of a sudden in blew!  He realised he had broken it.  He was so scared that he ran away through the white crunchy snow. 

Tyissa's Writing

Briskly, the man hikes along the hidden trail, snow crunching beneath his feet as he makes his way to the top of a hill. Bare trees standing there like skeletons and a blanket of white snow covers the ground. Puffs of smoke shoot  out of his mouth like a dragon breathing out fire. His hands shoved in his pockets rigidly protecting them from the icy cold air. He finally gets to the top of the hill and scans over the picturesque view.

He's looking around with a smile on his face as he realizes a rope hanging from the middle of nowhere he cautiously approaches the rope he carefully pulls the rope and it goes dark confuse struck he pulled it again and it was icy cold again he realizes what it does and starts pulling it rapidly.

Suddenly its total darkness he keeps pulling hoping it would go back to normal he pulls and pulls but then the rope tumbles to the ground tones and tones of rope falls he noticed a broken bulb he looks at the bulb and runs away feeling guilty.