Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sir Peter Blake young Leader

Congratulations to Tyissa who was awarded the Sir Peter Blake young leaders award at school. She continually shows leadership in the classroom, in the playground, at school events and on the netball court. Well done Tyissa.

Waiata at Waiuru Army Museum

Haka at the Waiuru Army Museum

After our lessons and tour around the Waiuru Army Museum the boys wanted to say thank you to our leaders and show their respect in such a special place..They performed a haka in the place at the museum, where soldiers are sworn into the army after their training.  Everyone felt the goosebumps during this.

Senior Syndicate at the Cultural Festival

On Friday Kawakawa Primary hosted the first Southern Bay of Islands Cultural Festival. It was a fantastic day with schools showing their talents. Here is the senior Syndicate performing. 


When we went to the top of the mountain to have a look at the amazing view we found a great slope to slide down. We all had a go. Here is a video of Zaytaleah sliding down the slope. It was lots of fun.

Alex Skiing

Ashton skiing

Ashton enjoying the amazing day up the mountain.


Wow what a week at the snow we have had. The year 7 and 8 students have just returned from an amazing week at the snow. We travelled to National Park on the Monday, an 8 hour bus trip.  On Tuesday we had our first day up Whakapapa Ski Field. Everyone had a lesson and quickly got he hang of skiing. We skied for the next 2 days. We did a ride up to the top of the maunga to enjoy the amazing view. On the Thursday we went to the National Army Museum. We had the best week. Here are some photos from the week.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hinaki Week

So at the end of last term we had a Tuna and Takakau week at school. In room 5 and 6 we designed and made our own hinaki in a hope of catching a tuna. When we had made them we walked to the local farm and set our hinaki. The next day we returned hopeful to have a tuna in them. Unfortunately they were empty. Here are some pictures of our hinaki.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Recycling at Kawakawa

Here is a piece of writing from Te Aroha about recycling at school. She used great language to persuade her audience. She has some strong reasons to support her opinion. Well done Te Aroha.


Do you want to stop pollution? Recycling is a great way to help the environment and save it from things such as pollution, Global warming and climate change. I strongly believe that we should recycle our rubbish at Kawakawa primary school. When you recycle your helping your community, school and the world to make it a safer and cleaner place. People are causing massive problems that are damaging our planet that’s why i think we need to recycle at Kawakawa primary school.

Firstly Do you want to make our environment more cleaner? i think that recycling would be a great way to help the environment to stop it from global warming and pollution. Recycling will improve our chances of climate change and save our animals from pollution. It’s vital for us to have clean air when your recycling it helps us lower the amount of rubbish that we throw into our bins. When you don’t recycle your rubbish ends up into the landfill going into the earth.

Secondly it’s a great way to teach the younger students about how to look after Papatuanuku and the animals. When they grow up they can learn to recycle their rubbish to help save our environment and teach their children to recycle. If we recycle at Kawakawa primary we will teach other students how to recycle and what to do to keep our school clean. Recycling can make our school cleaner and might influence other schools to recycle as well.

Finally all schools around New Zealand and the world need to learn how to take care of the earth and their communities as well as their school to help our chances of pollution, climate change and global warming slimmer. Scientists believe that the main cause for global warming is humans and all the oils and gases that are going into the atmosphere also destroying the ozone layer which is protecting us from the heat of the sun.

Kawakawa primary school needs to recycle to stop pollution and other events happening around earth. It will influence other schools as well to recycle and will teach younger students to look after our planet. I am adamant that we should recycle at Kawakawa primary school to save our planet and influence other schools to do the same.